The Best Of Ryan Gosling’s Blue Valentine Press Junket


These days, one of the only topics discussed among the StyleCaster writers in as much depth as fashion is Ryan Gosling. We’re in love. I have my fingers crossed that he’ll take home an Oscar, and I even have his unbearably sexy Interview editorial in its entirety plastered over my desk (overshare?). Until he started making the talk show rounds, I didn’t know that it was possible for one human being to be so consistently adorable, and to celebrate his inimitable charm, we bring you: The very best moments from Ryan’s Blue Valentine press junket.

Watch through to the second clip from this MTV interview to see Ryan read from the Fuck Yeah Ryan Gosling Tumblr. Not even he can keep from giggling while trying to recite the “Hey Girl” posts. You know how he do!

On Jimmy Kimmel, Ryan shares a video he shot of a girl in the Congo dancing to Rihanna’s Rude Boy. This is equal parts cute and hilarious but the best aspect is the collective squeal you can hear from the girls in the audience.

Ryan wins Ellen over with his blue eyes and boyish charm, and he wins her entire studio audience over by bestowing gifts of Jumpin’ Jammerz upon them. And it all goes down while he’s riding a stationary bike.

Here, he sings the theme song fromMy Little Pony to Peter Travers. Not kidding.

Ryan and Blue Valentine director Derek Cianfrance look suspiciously alike! Don’t believe me? Watch the clip.

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