These Are the Best-Rated Clothes at Topshop Right Now

Lauren Caruso
These Are the Best-Rated Clothes at Topshop Right Now
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Show of hands: Who’s lost hours browsing through pages and pages of sweaters, dresses, and shoes on a fast-fashion site in an attempt to find something that 1. is cute; 2. is within your price range; and 3. won’t fit awkwardly—only to have something arrive at your front door that looks three sizes too small?

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That’s not to say stores like H&M, Forever21, Zara, or Topshop don’t have their sizes figured out, but a range of different lines in each store (Zara’s TRF items are usually smaller than those in its Studio collection, and Topshop sells two in-house lines alongside dozens of other brands) means that fit—and, just as important, quality—can vary from item to item.

One way to know for sure? The reviews. Some online stores don’t offer any customer feedback (looking at you, Zara), but Topshop’s comment section is goldmine if you’re looking to see if something runs small, or if it’ll last the test of time. To keep you from succumbing to the buy-once-wear-once mentality that’s synonymous with fast-fashion, we perused Topshop for the top-rated clothes, accessories, and beauty products to get your hands on now. 

And because there’s a solid chunk of overlap between top-rated products and the items that are selling out fast (you’ll see a little “trending now” arrow atop the most popular picks), you’ll want to add these to cart before they’re gone. 35 of Topshop’s top-rated clothes to scoop up now, ahead.

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Gaudet Jeans by Boutique, $100; at Topshop

Petite Satin Carter Puffer Jacket, $130; at Topshop

Crushed Velvet Twist Front Top, $35; at Topshop

Petite Ditsy Velvet Dress, $68; at Topshop

LOLITA Croc Platform Sandals, $45; at Topshop

Petite Drape Front Shift Dress, $35; at Topshop

Lips in Partition, $10; at Topshop

Chiffon Flute Tie Sleeve Top, $30; at Topshop

Ozzie Patent Crossbody Bag, $48; at Topshop

GRAM Flared Heel Shoes, $45; at Topshop

Long Sleeve Keyhold Body, $38; at Topshop

Bronzer in Salute, $14; at Topshop

House of Freedom Interlocking Earrings, $16; at Topshop

Airtex Bodysuit, $15; at Topshop

Scorpian Embroidered Shirt, $35; at Topshop

Fine Chain Choker, $9; at Topshop

Oversized Check Shirt, $48; at Topshop

Jersey Lace Plunge Romper, $55; at Topshop

GAMBLE High Point Court Shoes, $100; at Topshop

Quilted Faux Leather Biker, $90; at Topshop

Chameleon Glow in Shuffle the Cards, $13; at Topshop

Tall Zip Side Crew Jumper, $74; at Topshop

Circle and Stick Multirow Necklace, $20; at Topshop

Soft Knitted Scarf, $48; at Topshop

Tall Velvet Pleated Midi Skirt, $100; at Topshop

Liquid Lip in Bluff, $10; at Topshop

Faux Fur Pom-Pom Beanie Hat, $26; at Topshop

MOTO Embroidered Clean A-line Skirt, $68; at Topshop

CAPER Lace Up, $24; at Topshop

MOTO Let Hem Vintage Jamie Jeans, $75; at Topshop

Mini Star Print Shirt, $60; at Topshop

Super Soft Scarf, $30; at Topshop

Rhinestone Hoop Earrings, $9; at Topshop

Gel Liner in Ink, $6; at Topshop

Lip Liner in Wheels on Fire, $7; at Topshop

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