20 True Crime Podcasts More Addictive than Serial

20 True Crime Podcasts More Addictive than Serial
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It’s been a minute since Sarah Koenig’s Serial podcast exploded onto the scene, yet fans of the show’s first season are still thoroughly obsessed and looking for answers. The riveting story of Adnan Syed and the mysterious murder of Hae Min Lee left many of us in a complete state of withdraw when Koenig’s investigation came to an inconclusive end.

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Serial changed the landscape of podcast culture (podcast listenership in the U.S. has doubled since 2008, in partial part to the criminal podcast brought to us by the minds behind This American Life), and while it might be one of the best true crime podcasts, it’s certainly not alone in the genre.

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So to feed your addiction, we’ve rounded up 20 of our true crime favorites. Whether it’s current headline-making crimes you’re into, or deep dives into chilling cold cases, we promise these shows will help fill the podcast-shaped hole in your heart.

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Criminal Podcast

1. Criminal

If you’re into Serial, you’ll appreciate Criminal’s episodic take on a new new-crime case. Host Phoebe Judge has a similar presentation style to Serial’s Sarah Koenig, and each show is just as addictive. The episodes are a little short but perfect for quick commutes to and from work.

someone knows something podcast

2. Someone Knows Something

Like Serial, Someone Knows Something follows one case over multiple episodes. This season (the first) the program is taking a deep dive into the disappearance of a five-year-old boy in eastern Ontario back in 1972.

true crime podcast

3. Unsolved

Unsolved is a seven-part podcast investigating the murder of 14-year-old John Zera, who was mysteriously killed back in 1976. Host and reporter Gina Barton digs through old evidence and speaks with people originally involved with trying to solve the case.


true crime podcasts

4. Generation Why

Each week, Generation Why gives a play-by-play rundown of a case picked by either the listeners or hosts Aaron and Justin. An episode could cover some unsolved mystery or dig into a conspiracy theory surrounding a closed case.

best podcasts

5. Sword and Scale

Sword and Scale tells stories of murder, rape, kidnapping, and more serious crimes, and looks at how the justice system deals with them.

best true crime podcasts

6. True Murder

A little different from your typical true-crime podcast, in each episode the host Dan Zupansky talks to authors of true-crime novels. This definitely isn’t as well-produced as shows like Criminal and Serial, but the stories are fascinating.

true crime podcast

7. Finding Tammy Jo

Chilling is really the only word you can use to describe Finding Tammy Jo, a new podcast series about the murder of a girl in upstate New York who went unidentified for more than three decades. New episodes are released every Sunday morning and the season only kicked off in the beginning of May, so you’re not too far behind.

actual innocence podcast

8. Actual Innocence

We were hooked after one episode of Actual Innocence—which is frustrating because only five have been produced so far and they’re all damn addictive. Each follows a person who served time for a crime they did not commit and was later exonerated, which makes for fascinating, heartbreaking audio. Actual Innocence doesn’t have the same production quality as Serial, but it’s worth listening to regardless.

true crime podcast

9. True Crime Garage

Garage covers a new case each week; it could be a horror story that’s current headline news or a discussion about infamous serial killers or cold cases. The podcast is laid-back and conversational, and not quite as gripping as some others such as Actual Innocence.

true crime podcasts

10. Missing

Missing was selected as one of iTunes’ best podcasts last year and looks into how and why people disappear and what life’s like when you’re on the run. Host and crime writer Tim Weaver is easy to listen to—the British accent probably helps—and brilliantly picks out the most fascinating aspects of how people vanish in the 21st century. There are only eight episodes, so you’re going to want to savor them.

true crime podcast

11. Reveal

Produced by the Center for Investigative Reporting and PRX, Reveal reveals injustice, power abuse, and crime. It’s an easy, interesting listen and is produced with all the bells and whistles of Serial.

true crime podcast

12. Detective

The first season features a retired detective and his true stories from 23 years on the Colorado Springs Police Department’s Homicide Division. We recommend listening to the “Mighty Ike” episode if you’re not sure where to start.

truth and justice

13. Truth and Justice with Bob Ruff

Most recently, podcaster Bob Ruff looked into Hae Min Lee’s case after Serial brought so much attention to the murder. However, earlier episodes cover other aspects of the law and themes such as crime and justice.

mind of a murderer podcast

14. The Mind of a Murderer

Each of the six episodes is narrated by criminal psychologist and trial consultant Dr. Michelle Ward. Ward actually talks face-to-face with six violent murderers, relying on her expertise as a trial consultant to look into each killer’s psyche and find out what actually drives people to kill. It’s compelling, to say the least.

true crime podcast

15. Made in Sweden

Made in Sweden looks into the true story behind the novel The Father, which is about three brothers who grew up to become Sweden’s most notorious criminals. Cohost Stefan Thunberg is their brother, which makes the series even more interesting.


true crime podcast

16. CrimeFeed

CrimeFeed covers the most shocking true-crime stories exclusively. Unlike in a lot of other true-crime podcasts, most of the content is current; however, the program will occasionally look into cold cases. CrimeFeed more or less covers only information that’s been circulated in the news and doesn’t dive deeply into crimes or editorialize them in the same way such podcasts as Serial and the Mind of a Murderer do.

True Detective Truth Squad

17. True Detective: Truth Squad

If you’re a super fan of “True Detective” on TV, you definitely need to know about this series. Weekly shows analyze all of the clues and plot developments on the show and basically help feed your “True Detective” addiction between TV episodes.

thinking sideways

18. Thinking Sideways

Thinking Sideways investigates things we simply don’t have the answer to—such as missing-people reports, suspicious deaths, or old mysteries that were just never solved—to try and reach a conclusion.


19. Casefile

Casefile is an Australian podcast that digs into a different case during each hour-long episode. Murders and violent crimes are the most covered topics.

true crime podcast

20. 48 Hours

The award-winning team at CBS News’s “48 Hours” is behind this in-depth podcast covering tricky criminal cases and human drama. Production quality is stellar, and the team always selects gripping criminal stories.

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