Best New York Brunches

Best New York Brunches
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My best friend once made a pie chart of my brain, splitting it up into the different categories I obsess about on a daily basis. It looked a little something like this: 15% boys (ahem Justin Bieber!), 20% TV, 25% shopping and an absurd 40% food! Clearly, to say I love food would be a vast understatement. Going out to eat is my all-time favorite pastime, especially when that meal involves some form of eggs.

I dare any New Yorker to find me a meal thats better than brunch! To quote Carrie Bradshaw, There are very few things this New Yorker loves as much as Sunday brunch. You can sleep until noon and still get eggs anywhere in the city, and alcohol is often included with the meal. I enlisted the help of my StyleCaster fam and a few well-informed New York food bloggers to help me round up the best brunch spots in the city. Click through to see their picks, and let us know what we missed in the comments. Happy eating!

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