The 30 Best Movie Sex Scenes of All Time

The 30 Best Movie Sex Scenes of All Time
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Unless you’ve ever have the displeasure of watching one with your family, admit it: You love a juicy sex scene. The best movie sex scenes provide a sense of escape (although they’re not always an accurate depiction of what really goes on between two people in real life.) Plus it doesn’t hurt to see your favorite celebrities take it all off on the big screen.

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While they’re usually just a few minutes long, sex scenes have profound effects on the legacy of films and the actors who star in them. We’ll always associate Kate Winslet with a single hand sliding down the steamy car window in “Titanic,” we’ll always pine for Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling‘s sexy, if melodramatic, chemistry in “The Notebook, and we’ll never be able to look at Jason Biggs without picturing him getting busy with a certain sweet treat in “American Pie.”

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Okay, enough talking already: Here, we’ve rounded up our top picks for the 30 best movie sex scenes from the last 30 years. From steamy, sweet, and downright strange, this list has it all no matter what you’re into.

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