Best Glasses For Your Face Shape

Best Glasses For Your Face Shape
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Whether or not you actually need them to see is irrelevant. Legally blind? Rocking 20/20 vision? One of the most of-the-moment ways to change up your look is with a pair of glasses. From screen siren Megan Fox to Gwen Stefanis impossibly cool offspring, Kingston Rossdale, practically everyone has been spotted geeking out in the accessory. And now theyre easier than ever to get a hold of thanks to the launch of Solstice Sunglass Boutiques e-commerce site!

But how do you know which pair will work best with your features and face shape? Here to help you find the perfect fit are Eden Wexler, sunglass stylist to the stars and Director of PR for Solstice Sunglass Boutique and Safilo USA, and David Solvibile of See Eyewears West Village luxury glasses boutique. Their tips are sure to get you looking frame-worthy in no time.

Tips To Try While You Try On:

Do The Smile Test. Will and Grace alumna Debra Messing with whom Wexler developed this foolproof techniqueis is among the 10,000+ celebrities that Wexler has fitted for shades in her career. Smile with your glasses on, and if they rise up off your nose-bridge, then they are not fitting correctly! Fuller cheekbones (a defining characteristic of a heart-shaped face) will tend to raise the glasses, so Wexler suggests that if youve got em, look for a frame that is shallow enough that its not going to rest on your cheeks.

The eye (area) has it. Pay attention to the size and shape of your eyes and the surrounding area, and remember the hazards that come with wearing a pair of glasses or shades that are too big or too small. Too big (i.e. wide) and the glasses will look absurd; too small and they are going to cut off your visibility, Solvibile says. Another facial nuance you shouldnt ignore? The size of your nose-bridge. Wexler advises that you make sure your [specs] have the proper nose-pads so that the frames stay put.

Seek professional help. Make sure that your glasses arent just an optical illusion and that they actually fit as well on you as they look in the store or on the computer screen. Both Wexler and Solvibile advise you go to an eyewear or sunglasses boutique and consult with their experts, who fit people for glasses all day long. Might we suggest your local Solstice or See Eyewear?

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If you have a round face, avoid excessively round frames. “With glasses, you are looking to create balance, so in general, you want to pick a style that is the opposite of your face shape,” Wexler says. To create the illusion of a longer, thinner face, opt for shapes that have a slight angle. Solvibile, a self-described “round,” prefers “more rectangular frames that are a little sharper cut.
SEE 1044, $259, at See Eyewear

If you have a heart-shaped face, you want to look for glasses that will both offset a pointy chin and minimize the width of the top part of the face. Frames with rounded tops and square bottoms or oval shapes are your best bet.  Solvibile also suggests styles that have more “upsweeps” in the corners which he says, “will lift the facial features up.” (A gravity-fighting accessory? Yes, please!)  For all you Reese Witherspoons out there, now would be the time to invest in the cat-eye trend. “Kate Spade makes great frames for smaller faces,” says Wexler. Get catty in the label’s take on the trendy shape, and ask an optician to switch out the lenses if you want to take these frames from outdoor to indoor. 
The Kate Spade Soliel, $148, at Solstice

SEE 3959, $279  and SEE 9404, both $199, at See Eyewear

If you have a square face, invest in styles that have some gentle curves. This will lengthen the face while minimizing its square-ness.  Much like “rounds” want to stay away from overtly round shapes, “squares” are better off nixing any harsh rectangles. The good news?  That whole 'Where’s Waldo' inspired trend is totally within your realm of wearing! 
SEE 3960, $279 and SEE 9702, $169, both as See Eyewear

If you have an oval face: Congratulations! You’ve been genetically blessed with a face that “has a natural balance and can wear just about any style,” Wexler says.  But still keep in mind that frames that are “as wide as or wider than the broadest part of your face” get the vote for most flattering.
SEE 2826, $299, at See Eyewear

“Color has really become huge in eyewear,” says Wexler.  But because it’s trendy, “make the bold-hued glasses your inexpensive pair.” This way, you can experiment and have fun without feeling guilty a year from now when the frames’ 15-minute of fame are up.
Juicy Couture Be Silly, $98, at Solstice 

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