The Best-Dressed Villains in Hollywood (Halloween Edition)

The Best-Dressed Villains in Hollywood (Halloween Edition)
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Don’t know what you want to be for Halloween? Not in the mood to stroll through a party in your underwear with bunny ears on your head? We’ve got a quick-fix for your Halloween costume blues. The villain. After all, there’s nothing more fun then letting your evil side loose and finding an excuse to look outrageous, scary and sexy all at the same time.

We all have an evil character that we love to hate, so we’ve rounded up ten of the most stylish baddies to ever grace the big screen. From classics like Cruella DeVille to more contemporary cultural icons such as Debbie Harry in Hairspray (the original, of course), we’ve got it all.

So click through for a little diabolical Halloween inspiration and let us know which evil temptress you’ll be dressing up as come October 31st!

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