13 Hottest Indie Artists At This Year’s SXSW Music Festival

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13 Hottest Indie Artists At This Year’s SXSW Music Festival
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Even though the 2012 SXSW Music Festival is still in full swing this week, we’ve already managed to put together our top 13 favorite up-and-coming musical acts from this year’s indie music bonanza.

From lo-fi bedroom rock to 90s-inspired R&B tunage, and even to hacker-punk-electro jams, this year’s SXSW line up of “the next big thing”-s gave us a super eclectic range of musical genres to choose from, hailing from all points of the globe.

Click through the slideshow above to discover our top 13 SXSW artists who are performing in Austin this week, and be sure to catch these dudes if you just so happen to be down there in Texas right now, you lucky, lucky bast*rds.

Didn’t see your favorite act from this year’s SXSW on the list? Let us know by dropping us a few words in a comment down below!


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HOMETOWN: Brooklyn, NY

SOUNDS LIKE: Light-hearted, sensual dance jams that should be on the soundtrack to the best party of your life.

WHY THEY'RE RAD: Their excellent vocals and funky dance beats are packaged together so nicely, we predict this band has the potential to be the next LCD Soundsystem!

[Photo via SXSW.com]

HOMETOWN: Vancouver, BC

SOUNDS LIKE: Lo-fi rock pop meshed with 60s Motown song construction.

WHY THEY'RE RAD: The girl duo behind Chains of Love (which just so happens to be the name of one of our fave Erasure songs) definitely are just more than a pair of pretty faces–they've really got some actual talent! They're also the more female-friendly version of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, which ain't too shabby.

[Photo via SXSW.com]


SOUNDS LIKE: Every decent pop-punk band you saw perform in a basement at a local Church, except they're good-looking.

WHY THEY'RE RAD: Besides their total obvi cuteness factor, these youngsters give a lot of energy with their happy-go-lucky tunes. Hence, we give Brite Futures major kudos.

[Photo via SXSW.com]

HOMETOWN: Brooklyn, NY via London, UK via Houston, TX

SOUNDS LIKE: 90s R&B mixed with mid-2000s indie rock and pop sensibilities.

WHY THEY'RE RAD: Ever since his Test Icicles and Lightspeed Champion days, we've always been fans of Mr. Hynes' musical stylings which is why we're excited for his latest (and best so far) solo musical reinvention.

[Photo via SXSW.com]

HOMETOWN: Los Angeles, CA

SOUNDS LIKE: If Ke$ha was less slutty and spent more time at Drum & Bass clubs.

WHY THEY'RE RAD: They make electronic music that's easy on the vox and hard beats, making it easier to enjoy their tunes at any time of the day.

[Photo via SXSW.com]

HOMETOWN: Los Angeles, CA

SOUNDS LIKE: If Dungen and Broadcast had a baby girl, it would sound like SISU.

WHY THEY'RE RAD: SISU's soft experimental beats and melodic singing make us want to take a soul-searching road trip through the Southwest, wearing Proenza Schouler's Fall 2011 collection. Harmony Korine, eat your heart out.

[Photo via SXSW.com]

HOMETOWN: Los Angeles, CA

SOUNDS LIKE: Joy Division Meets Bauhaus Meets Sisters of Mercy Meets The Raveonettes.

WHY THEY'RE RAD: Even though they've got obvi late 70s/early 80s post-punk references coming out the wazoo, their music is quite lovely and somewhat refreshing. Plus, their jams aren't a total bummer fest.

[Photo via Facebook]


SOUNDS LIKE: If Keane actually made good music for once, and incorporated more synths, and had a female doing lead vocals.

WHY THEY'RE RAD: Creating uplifting rock music that isn't corny is not an easy feat, yet Slow Club has somehow managed to do just that!

[Photo via Facebook]

HOMETOWN: Los Angeles, CA

SOUNDS LIKE: The soundtrack to a role-playing video game for a Playstation console.

WHY THEY'RE RAD: As random the beats and samples they use to compile their electronic ditties are, they're one of the few cyber-rave-friendly acts out there we'll bother to listen to. Bonus points go to them for having their sounds played during the CÉLINE Spring/Summer 2012 and Kenzo Fall/Winter 2012 runway presentations.

[Photo via SXSW.com]


SOUNDS LIKE: Old school rap fun times that's giving us a Beastie Boys vibe.

WHY THEY'RE RAD: If you're looking for a modern day version of Kid 'n Play that still has a nod to 80s/90s nostalgia, then these dudes need to be your jam.

[Photo via SXSW.com]

HOMETOWN: Minneapolis, MN

SOUNDS LIKE: Mellow synth pop that's also kind of creepy.

WHY THEY'RE RAD: You will be instantly hypnotized by their voodoo-like vocals and dreamy rhythms and beats. #blackmagic

[Photo via Facebook]

HOMETOWN: Vancouver, BC

SOUNDS LIKE: Lo-fi fuzzed out beach rock à la The Drums and Beach Fossils.

WHY THEY'RE RAD: What's not to love about moody, hopelessly romantic lo-fi beach rock, especially when the summer season is just a few months ahead?

[Photo via SXSW.com]


SOUNDS LIKE: Ska, Motown, R&B and pop tunes made by a pair of good-looking white kids.

WHY THEY'RE RAD: Wild Belle can take influences from various musical genres to make something completely different yet familiar at the same time, that doesn't totally suck.

[Photo via SXSW.com]

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