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Bernie Madoff Auction This Weekend: Furs, Jewelry, Watches, and More

Bernie Madoff Auction This Weekend: Furs, Jewelry, Watches, and More

The saga that has been the unfolding of Bernie Madoffs ponzi-scheme is finally taking a small turn towards redemption: 599 luxury items seized from the Madoff’s New York Upper East Side will be auctioned this Saturday, with the proceeds to be divided among the people who lost everything due to the investor’s dreadful doings.

The once-esteemed Madoff is now serving a 150-year prison sentence for his infamous scheme, a plot that brought him nearly-incomprehensible wealth and the ability to surround himself with considerable riches. These items that are now to be auctioned off at the Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers: furs, Rolexes, and diamond jewelry are just a fraction of the marks of fortune that will be auctioned off alongside items like dishware, stationary, and athletic apparel. Saturday’s auction is a warm-up to the one that is set to occur later this month, where Bernie’s eight boats will be available to the highest bidders.

[NBC New York]

  • LouLou

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  • Jeff Sanders

    Wow those are some really nice watches. It’s too bad they belonged to such a bad person.

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