Bensimon Sneakers

Object Of Desire

Bensimon Sneakers, $59, available at

Reason #1

This French sneaker line has a growing cult following and with good reason. Who wouldn’t want to look as effortlessly cool as the French do?

Reason #2

Some of the most versatile sneakers around, they can be worn with shorts, skirts and sundresses. Plus, they come in a range of colors and styles. Don’t worry if you are tempted to buy more than one pair, they will only set you back $59.

Reason #3

Because really, you can’t wear flip-flops all summer.

  • agent

    REASON #3 continued….
    Flip flops let your feet get all gross, black and dry on the bottom after a day out! Bensimons keep that from happening. more info available on

  • Anonymous

    Reason #3 needs to be spread around…
    same for running shoes with business suits (yes NY I’m talking to you)

  • Anonymous

    ugh flip flops = city feet. Besides looks like a cute option for all these amazing summer dresses and floral skirts that are everywhere

  • Anonymous

    I own a pair and they are super comfy and cute!

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