Alert: Bella Thorne Spotted with Tyler Posey at the Teen Choice Awards

Alert: Bella Thorne Spotted with Tyler Posey at the Teen Choice Awards
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Run-ins with an ex can be awkward, scary, and downright traumatizing, but Bella Thorne and Tyler Posey seem to have mastered the act perfectly. The exes—who dated in 2016 and were embroiled in a mini cheating scandal—were spotted together at the Teen Choice Awards last night, where they nixed any rumors of bad blood.

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Though the two shied away from the cameras during the show, a photographer caught them backstage, where they posed next to each other and didn’t show an ounce of awkwardness. In one picture, the “Famous in Love” star even threw up her usual “rock on” hand sign to show that everything between the pair is A-OK.

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If you’re not brushed up on your teen Hollywood history, Thorne and Posey—who met co-hosting the MTV Movie Awards in 2015—began dating in late 2016, after the Freeform star broke up with her longtime boyfriend, Gregg Sulkin. The short-lived romance ended in November 2016 after four-ish months of PDA-filled Instagrams.

The drama began when Charlie Puth, who went on a couple dates with Thorne after her relationship with Posey, accused her of playing both of them after he came across an old article in which Thorne gushed about Posey. Things got messy, Puth went on a Twitter rant, and the former Disney Channel star was forced to defend herself, claiming that she wasn’t dating Puth—and that she and Posey had broken up long before.

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The actress seems to have put the whole ordeal behind her. Thorne has a new man in her life—and no, it’s not Scott Disick. The “Shake It Up” star confirmed her rumored beau, hip-hop artist Blackbear, was the real deal after the two showed major PDA on the red carpet last night.

Thorne and Blackbear’s PDA sesh obviously happened in close proximity to the moment the singer ran into Posey backstage. But judging from her cheerful expression the entire night, it looks like the impromptu run-in didn’t phase her. If only we could all be so cool after crossing paths with an ex.

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