Bella Thorne Finds Comfort in Ex Gregg Sulking After “She Got Played” by Scott Disick

Bella Thorne Finds Comfort in Ex Gregg Sulking After “She Got Played” by Scott Disick
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Like many of us out there, Bella Thorne has a weak spot for her first love. (And we don’t blame her. Love is hard, people!) The 19-year-old is reportedly finding comfort in her ex Gregg Sulkin after her public fallout with Scott Disick, who she was spotted getting flirty with in Cannes—along with about a dozen other women.

According to a source for People, Thorne, who recently dedicated a sweet Instagram post to the 25-year-old actor on his birthday, started going back to her ex after she felt like “a total fool” for hooking up with the 34-year-old “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star.

“After hooking up with Scott and feeling like a total fool, she realized she and Gregg had something more special. She started hitting him up after she got back,” the source said.

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Sulkin and Thorne dated for more than a year until announcing their split in August 2016 over Sulkin’s reported “controlling” behavior, according to the source. Since then, the former Disney Channel actress has been linked to other young Hollywood stars, such as Tyler Posey and Charlie Puth.

“Bella and Gregg had a difficult relationship when they were together,” the source said. “She felt like he was too controlling and that’s part of why they broke up, but they’ve been talking for a little while and going back and forth.”

Apparently, the lingering feelings are mutual. While the British actor is still playing the field, the source revealed that the “Faking It” star still has a soft spot for his ex and has been “hooking up” with her since their reunion.

“Gregg’s missed her too, though he’s still playing around and hanging out with other girls,” the source said. “They spent his birthday together and they’re rekindling things and hooking up.”

As for why the “Famous in Love” actress went after Disick in the first place, the insider said wanted to seem like the “cool party girl.” (Been there.) Once things got out of hand (aka when Kourtney Kardashian‘s ex began flirting with every young star in the south of France), Thorne had to bail, and there to catch her was Sulkin. (If our parents can’t be there to protect us from a notorious reality TV playboy then we guess our amicable ex will have to do.)

“She feels like an idiot and like she got totally played,” the source said. “She thought she could be that cool party girl, but now she’s feeling super dumb and vulnerable. Her natural instinct is to run to her first love.”

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Rumors started flying that Thorne and Disick were an item in early May when they were spotted on a date together in Los Angeles and then getting flirty in Cannes. However, despite the ~drama~ surrounding Thorne’s fallout with Disick, the actress apparently wasn’t too blindsided by his flirty ways. (That might explain a very matter-of-fact tweet she posted where she said she did “legit nothing” with Disick in Cannes.)

“She’s just being young and having fun and doesn’t really care what people think or what their opinions are,” another source told People. “She also knows that Scott is a huge playboy so she isn’t getting too invested. Basically, she’s being Bella and no one is going to change that.”

No judgement. If you gotta get back with your ex to shake off a slimy reality TV womanizer, you gotta do what you gotta do. Live your life, Bella.

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