Behind the Scenes with Susan Joy on Heloise, Seaside


In the days before we shotHeloise, Seaside, boots and wellies and waders began to show up at the office. Then came the Barbour coats and tripoint hats and, my personal favorite, a pair of navy coulots made of fishermen’s netting, not the sexy kind but the rope kind that you would expect to see in a Biblical film.

All of this is to say that the best part of a fashion photoshoot is watching it all come together. Each editorial bears a striking resemblence to the photographer and stylist involved in the collaboration. In this case it was a pleasure to watch stylist Susan Joy and photographer Frances Tulk-Hart collaborate to create beautiful and inspiring images.

In this behind-the-scenes video, watch as Susan works her magic on Frances’ “fisherman’s fairy tale” inspiration, wellies and all. And keep a look out for those fishnet coulots.

115062 1297778480 Behind the Scenes with Susan Joy on Heloise, Seaside

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