Behind-the-Scenes Pics From “Absolutely Fabulous”

Jessica Rubin
Behind-the-Scenes Pics From “Absolutely Fabulous”
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Remember in August when we discovered (i.e. almost peed our pants with feverish glee) that Absolutely Fabulous was coming back into our lives? Well, the moment is getting closer with the episodes expected to air early next year. But in the meantime, we’ve got some great pics of Patsy and Edina shopping and heading into a limo during the filming of the beloved BBC series.

Maybe the ladies have aged a bit, but it doesn’t seem like much else has changed. They’re still as wonderful as ever — drunk, high and hilariously feathered. Check out the two (don’t be greedy) pictures we snagged for our lovely stylistas and let us know what you think! Looks promising, no?

Images courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.

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