Bebe Zeva: An Insider’s Guide To Las Vegas Shopping Spots


When you hear “Las Vegas” and “fashion” in the same sentence, I’m willing to bet the first images that pop into your head are those of showgirls in feathered boas, sequined Elvis-impersonator suits and cowboy gear. But the desert city is a veritable oasis of shopping finds, from the very high-end to one-of-a-kind vintage.

Who better to help us navigate the best Las Vegas shopping spots than an expert like Bebe Zeva, the 17 year old writer and style blogger who calls the city home. Below she lists her top five destinations with superlatives which will certainly serve as a handy guide for any fashion enthusiast looking to travel to Sin City.

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1. Favorite shopping spot for atmosphere and ambience: The Attic, Downtown Las Vegas

“This is number one on my list! The Attic harbors an amazing collection of vintage from ’60s and ’70s, and the decor perfectly matches everything is in technicolor, tie-dye or zebra print. It’s almost like a museum, and I never go there just for the clothes it’s all about the furniture, the props and the vibe. The Attic can be pricey, but they only carry designer, high quality pieces, and they are really choosy about what vintage they buy.”

– Price range: $$$-$$$$

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2. Where to shop for the best deals: The Gypsy Den, Downtown Las Vegas

“This store is incredibly decorated with gypsy, boho theme. There are moose antlers hanging on the wall, and everything is tribal and nomadic the woman who owns the store makes all of the jewelry, props, and dream catchers herself! She recently made a feather headdress for Steve Aoki using a muskrat skull as the centerpiece. This is a go-to spot for vintage designer pieces for incredible prices, and they’re all authentic!”

– Price range: $

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3. Coolest Selection: Fruition, near the UNLV campus/college district

“This store really lives up to its name! It carries Jeremy Scott, who is my favorite designer I think he’s literally a God, so to have a store nearby that sells his stuff is a privilege. You can always find alternative, urban vintage, as well as designers like Costume Dept. and Adidas. The staff is really helpful and there’s an intimate atmosphere, but this is this is by far the most expensive place on my list!”

– Price range: $$$$$

4. Best place for second-hand shoes and accessories
Buffalo Exchange

“I know that Buffalo Exchange has a bad rep elsewhere in America, but the only negative thing I have to say is that it’s a bit overpriced for vintage. They don’t sell much designer vintage, but everything is one of a kind! Every time I go, I see shoes that I would die to wear, and the handbag and scarf selections are great, too.”

– Price range: $$

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5. Best basics: All Saints, inside the Cosmopolitan Hotel

“I recommend All Saints for fashion fundamentals. Everything is black, charcoal grey and denim blue, so it would be so easy to mix and match everything in the store. The hats are great, too they’re my favorite! It’s high quality stuff, which is key.”

– Price range: $$$

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The Gypsy Den

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