Makeover Alert! Zoe Kravitz Goes Blonde

Rachel Krause
Zoe Kravitz

Photo: Getty Images

Zoe Kravitz likes to walk on the wild side when it comes to her fashion and beauty choices, so while we can’t say we’re exactly surprised that she switched up her look so dramatically, the change is definitely‚Ķ well, dramatic.

The actress and girl-about-town (not to mention rock royalty) debuted an edgy new cut and color earlier this week. A natural brunette, Zoe opted this time around for a bleached-out golden blonde and eyebrows to match.

With the lighter hair color, short, choppy bangs, and tousled bob, we almost didn’t recognize the star at first glance. It took us a few moments to even register what we were seeing, and it only took us a few moments more to decide that we much prefer her more natural dark hair.

But hey, this blonde thing definitely makes a statement, and what girl wouldn’t want to try out a lighter look once in her life? The world is Zoe’s oyster.


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