Zac Posen And Qwen Stefani Announce New Clothing Lines!

Shannon Farrell
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Get ready for another scramble with fellow shoppers because Lord & Taylor has announced that they are teaming with Zac Posen and Gwen Stefani is adding to her children’s clothing line at Target! Hopefully we’ll even be lucky enough to see these in stores!

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Zac Posen believes that trendy clothes should be available to everyone. “I believe that trendy clothing should be accessible,” the designer told People. “And I want to directly acknowledge that fashion loves bodies. I love women who have bodies and curves, so I really want to embrace that. My ideal is the woman on the street.”

Accessories have been all the rage lately and Zac says he may want to pursue that an affordable collection of that as well.

“We’ll grow the accessories and some other categories that might happen in the future…that I can’t talk about yet!”

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Gwen Stefani told that she is currently at work adding to her Target kids collection. “We’ve got new collections coming and coming and coming,” she said. “For the kids stuff, I draw from Japanese inspiration or from Japanese kids clothes.”

We have always been a fan of Zac Posen’s and now we may just have a shot to covet a piece! And who doesn’t love Gwen Stefani’s children line? Are you as excited about these affordable collections as the others we’ve seen in the past?

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