Get In Shape For Spring With These 8 Great YouTube Fitness Videos

Aly Walansky

woman doing yoga at home

Getting to the gym or group fitness class is a great way to get in shape, but it’s not always the most convenient or economical. Between constantly being on the go and never having enough extra cash to throw into a pilates membership, figuring out how to exercise at home is the key to staying in shape — without breaking the bank. To help get you in shape for warmer weather, take a look at the eight YouTube workouts below!

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If working out on the beach is your thing, the Bikini Beach Workout video is for you. We’re all about fitness videos that require no equipment — especially when we have enough to drag to the beach already!

If you are hoping to be rocking a bikini this summer, a getting your backside in shape is always a good idea. American Council on Exercise’s Jessica Matthews shares some butt-shaping moves in this video.

There’s a lot our swimsuit can minimize — but it can’t hide what we can’t cover. This video has some great thigh-shaping workouts that can get you in shape fast.

Get A Better Body is an 8-week series of short (20-minute) circuit training workouts designed to do with or without weights from home, in a dorm room, outdoors — anywhere! Circuit Training is a super effective style of working out for weight loss, hence a great way to get in shape in a short period of time.

Sometimes the hardest part of working out is finding time. Fitz Koehler shares some tips below to squeeze some fitness into your tight daily schedule.

The Vixen Workout is an intense cardio hip hop dance fitness that is burns up to 1,000 calories per hour for Vixen regulars. Fun and effective? Can’t beat that!

Working out can be infinitely more fun if you choose a (well, fun!) workout — like jumping rope.

Another fun workout you perhaps didn’t consider? How about skipping?!

But ultimately, it’s all about just finding an effective workout — and fitting it into the time you have. Here’s a 15 minute total body workout for while you’re at home.

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