YouTube Beauty Guru Takes a Stand Against Domestic Violence

Augusta Falletta

Women and men alike are aware of the wondrous benefits of makeup: concealing dark circles, making eyes look wider, plumping lips and the list goes on. While there are endless amounts of imperfections that can be hidden by our most trusted products, there are some marks that should not be covered up.

Domestic abuse is a serious issue that many women are silently battling with, because of fear, shame, and a mixture of emotions difficult to bear. This morning, we came across an Anti-Domestic Abuse PSA created by YouTube beauty guru Lauren Luke and Refuge, a domestic abuse charity helping women. Titled “How To Look Your Best the Morning After”, the video is sure to get a ton of searches and reach people who aren’t even aware they’re going to be an audience to such an important message.

In the PSA, Lauren is shown with a black eye and multiple cuts on her face, which were not real, though her emotion behind the video was very authentic. “I had a bad experience in the past with a previous boyfriend. He never physically hurt me but I did sometimes fear what would happen next if I said the wrong thing. He could be overprotective and embarrass me in front of my work colleagues or friends because of his aggressive behavior. Sometimes it was like living with a volcano which could erupt at any second—I felt I was walking on eggshells just to keep him from exploding and smashing something across the room,” says Luke.

The video strikes a chord with viewers from the opening scene, in which Lauren is applying foundation to a beaten face in a very serene manner. She openly discusses how to “cover any fresh bruising” and what to do with “fresh bruising from being pushed up against a coffee table” with viewers in the video. Throughout the video, which is less than two minutes, we’re faced with the very apparent reality that domestic abuse is an issue that needs to be faced, not covered. We applaud Refuge and Lauren Luke for this ingenious take on creating awareness for a cause that is often addressed, but continues to be a problem in too many relationships. We hope that women and men who are involved in abusive relationships will find the strength in this PSA not to cover it up.


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