“Your Highness” Hair Is Bound To Be A Huge Trend

“Your Highness” Hair Is Bound To Be A Huge Trend
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The new medieval comedy Your Highness hits theaters today, and while it’s not your average “damsel in distress” story, the two leading ladies look every bit as beautiful as the characters you read about in fairy tales. Zooey Deschanel plays a princess who’s kidnapped by an evil wizard, and Natalie Portman is a warrior who accompanies the two knightsDanny McBride and James Francoon their epic quest to rescue her.

Don’t get me wrongall of this adventure sounds really exciting, but the one thing that really caught my attention in the film’s promos is the gorgeous hair that the two starlets are rocking. The long, flowing, Rapunzel-esque locks look beyond effortless, and seeing it kind of makes me depressed that my hair is short.

These messy, wavy styles are perfect for summer, when you should keep your hair loose, easy and natural. To get the wind-blown, I-just-rode-through-the-forest-on-horseback look for yourself, check out our how-tos on how to get amazing texture and how to master the messy side braid.

Images: imdb.com

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