You Will Soon Be Able to Buy Beauty Products in a Cab

Rachel Adler

We can’t ignore the fact that Fashion Week is upon us, with models hanging out on the streets basically everywhere you turn. And now, for the lucky few who get to participate in the frenzy that is New York Fashion Week, Glamour and Conde Nast have teamed up to let cab riders travel to and from shows and shop for luxury beauty products at the same time.

Instead of watching those annoying Taxi TV videos on loop while you’re rushing from show to show, you can hop into a cab (and not pay for the fare) yet instead simply download an app and instantly purchase beauty goods off of the taxi TV screen. The cabs will be frequenting editor hot spots (namely Lincoln Center and Meatpacking) but there is a downside: you can’t mute these nifty little TVs.

So if you’d rather avoid these on-the-go beauty stores, you better pull out some fashionable, yet comfy shoes for the next five days.

[Wall Street Journal]

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