New York Fashion Week Saviors: Editors Tell Us What They Rely On

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New York Fashion Week Saviors: Editors Tell Us What They Rely On
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If you sit very still and listen very carefully, you’ll hear the souls of beauty editors, stylists, models and on-lookers being simultaneously brought to life and worn down as New York Fashion Week rears its glamorous and all-devouring head. The upcoming week, er, month of fashion shows is one of our favorites, but after being put through the ringer a few times, we know that it takes some help from outside sources to make it out alive.

Some of our favorite must-haves (besides bottomless cups of coffee and flats carried in our bags) are well-known and often used, but we  were curious to know what other Fashion Week survivors use to keep afloat during the busiest time of the year. We chatted with a few of our favorite bloggers and editors set to attend NYFW about their Fashion Week survivors.

“SK-II’s facial treatment mask saves my life during the week – obviously you can only put it on at night (because it’s a full, scary, ghost-like mask) but when I’m sitting in bed writing up posts I like knowing that my skin is absorbing Pitera (chock full of vitamins and amino acids) and will be moisturized and bright for the next day”, says Rachel Adler, Beauty Director here at Beauty High. Read through the slideshow above to learn about more Fashion Week tips from the professionals because you never know when you’ll need to rescue your own skin (or feet)!

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"Honestly, for me, it's concealer. Specifically, Hourglass Hidden Corrective Concealer. It helps me counteract the lack of sleep and puffiness from many lost hours of sleep." - Kristin Booker,

"While I have my share of skincare tricks that help keep my skin alive I'll be rocking a bold lip to the shows this season to complete my looks and distract any fatigue. I'm obsessed with the wine-stained trend and will be experimenting with lots of different textures." - Jeannine Morris,

"Mine's Clarins' Beauty Flash Balm. It brightens my Fashion Week-ravaged skin and makes me look as if I've actually slept more than 5 hours a night (not the truth, obviously). It can be used as a mask, or on top of makeup. It helps my complexion look less Michael Jackson circa Thriller (the end) green." - Amber Katz, Beauty Blogging Junkie

"My essentials: a bottle of St. Tropez spray tan, black MAC liquid eyeliner, and whatever caffeinated beverage they give you for free at the tents." - Samantha Lim, Editor-in-Chief,

"If my feet fail me, you can be assured that the rest of my body isn't far behind. Every night as I settle into my desk to write up the day's shows and events during New York Fashion Week, I let my poor, beat-up toesies soak underneath in a warm water footbath filled with Calgon Lavender Vanilla epsom salts. It instantly takes away the pain of being crammed into high heels for the past 12 hours and the scent relaxes me as I slip into furious typing mode. Glamorous? Not quite, but it keeps me ready and moving all week long!" - Julia DiNardo, Editor, Fashion Pulse Daily

"Nars "Fast Ride:" This bold lip makes me feel instantly dressed-up and glamorous, even if my hair needs a wash and my outfit's more bedraggled than chic." - Lauren Pinson, Editor-in-Chief,

"Fashion Week means late-night after-parties and early morning shows, so to keep my skin looking alive instead of dead tired, I rely on eye creams. Firming, brightening, cooling—I'm a fan of them all, but the one I've been obsessed with lately is Peter Thomas Roth's Instant Firmx Eye Temporary Eye Tightener. It literally pulls up the bags and smooths out the puffiness in seconds—which is all you really have before you're rushing out the door to the next appointment." - Kelli Acciardo, Web Editor,

"My beauty savior is -- OBVIOUSLY -- dry shampoo. Clearly, I'm too busy running around to eat a proper meal, let alone blow out my hair as often as is necessary. Dry shampoo lets me stretch it a wee bit -- and that can make all the difference (and maybe even buy me some latte time)." - Aly Walansky, Freelance Writer, A Little Alytude

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