Would You Rather Put Vitamins or Bacteria On Your Face?

Amanda Elser

Well, surprisingly enough, they both seem to be good for you!

With the whole “New Year, New You” motif carrying everyone into 2012, we have noticed an onslaught of new beauty procedures to ensure a younger, plumper and healthier you.

It seems thatprobiotics (beneficial bacteria) and prebiotics (essential fuel for the beneficial bacteria) are no longer just good for digestion. Recent research has determined that the bacteria found in products like yogurt are good for your skin, reducing the signs of aging and acne.

According to an article in Daily Mail, Clinique, Lancome, Chantecaille, Nude and Revive are just a few of the brands injecting bugs into anti-aging serums and moisturizers.

“The idea is that probiotics and prebiotics can improve the balance of bacteria in your skin, in the same way they are known to improve it in your gut.”

Another recent technology to try instead of ingesting is the new vitamin spray “Ageless” bySuvara. According to a T Magazine article, the vitamin spray is a combination of vitamins A and C (anti-aging, cell renewal and anti-cellulite), B5 and B12 (to protect and boost) and E and F (to moisturize), as well as organic aloe vera and larch-tree extract. The vitamin spray is applied the same way as a spray tan and takes up to an hour to soak into the first layer of skin leaving you plump and dewy for a few days.

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