Would You Pick A Spouse Based On One Kiss?

Megan Segura

Did you ever watch that special on TLC, The Virgin Diaries? In it, one couple chooses to save their first kiss together (and ever!) for their wedding day. If you’ve ever experienced a bad kisser, then you know how disastrously this can turn out. Well, on the other side of that extreme coin is an art installation that has women choosing their future husbands based on one kiss.

A Ukrainian art exhibit features five real-life sleeping beauties who are waiting for the perfect kiss to wake them up. Men line up to take a chance at being their real-life Prince Charming. The catch? The men who participate must first sign an agreement saying they will absolutely marry the stranger if she wakes up to his kiss.

Sound scary? I thought so! I have met great guys that turned out to be lousy kissers, but I’ve also kissed plenty of men who knew what they were doing and turned out to be jerks. Is making a lifetime commitment based on a couple of seconds worth it if it’s in the name of art? ¬†We shall see. The exhibit ends Sept. 9th.

Do you find this experiment romantic or insane?

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