Would You Enroll in a High School Beauty Class?

Amanda Elser

Speaking as someone who has a career in beauty, I don’t think I would have minded taking a makeup elective back in my high school days. Sure, it may seem frivolous and unnecessary, but these are the life lessons that girls really want to learn… right?

At least, so saysMount St Mary’s Catholic High School in Leeds, England. The school is offering cosmetic classes for their female students to learn the fine art of applying makeup, which is apparently an effort to teach the young women”how to make a good first impression and also boost their self-confidence.”

While the course is just an elective and you have to receive parent permission before enrolling, it hasn’t stopped the backlash from conservative groups like The Family Education Trust from objecting to the class and the message it’s sending.

And while we see the argument from both perspectives we still have one burning question:What DO they get graded on?! Because if their final is applying the perfect cat eye or painting a smudge-free manicure, we would probably fail anyway.


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