Working The Red Carpet At The Emmys Preshow on E!

Megan McIntyre

I recently appeared live on E! Entertainment Television from the Emmys Red Carpet pre-show. I was nervous; I’ve never done a live red carpet segment before! Live TV means I can’t say whatever I’d like, it means no cursing (not that I ever do that), and no re-takes. Also, it was 95 degrees and everybody was sweating their heads off! We had a rehearsal, which calmed me down and luckily, the segment went great. The producers loved it.

On the pre-show, I presented three makeovers I’d done on real women, inspired by three respective celebrity styles.

Rihanna at the Metropolitan Museum of Art 2009 Gala was the theme of the first inspiration. Instead of doing a color concept like Rhianna’s wild black and white hue, I opted for a two-toned creation that was closer to natural color. Instead of black and white, I dyed the hair black and brown, so it didn’t have as much of a contrast as Rihanna’s look.

The second was a Jennifer Love Hewitt updo homage. But I made it softer,sexier, and not as messy. The ‘do consisted of a French twist with a little bit of hair left out of the front. I made sure it was very shaped in the back. It’s perfect for girls who may not be as comfortable with a bolder.

The third makeover was inspired by Drew Barrymore‘s ’60s bouffant at the 2009 Golden Globes. I created a version of that, but I named it sexy hair. It was all about that: Shinier, sexier, not as flyaway or dry-looking as its protype. To create the look, I used Build It and Hair Sheets Styling. I blew-dry the hair, and then backcombed entire thing. I used a really great brush to go over the whole thing.

The girls loved their makeovers! Bonus: I even got to meet Ryan Seacrest, who was taller than I thought!

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