Women Ogle More Than Men?!

Shannon Farrell
coupleonvacation.jpg (Slideshow)

Photo: Getty Images

You know that guy checking out your buns? Either one, really. Well you’re actually more likely to be checking out his. A new poll found that women ogle men more than vice versa.

Ladies Beware: Now Your Exes Can Reveal All!

A survey done by travel agency Sunshine in India revealed that 74 percent of women on vacataion with their significant other checked out other men opposed to 56 percent of men who were with their partners.

How is this possible? Rarely do we ever see women that are clearly checking a guy out but men make it pretty obvious. The poll also revealed that 77 percent of women are stealth at hiding their ogling.

Women surveyed said they wait until their partners aren’t around, wear sunglasses or pretend to look at a member of the opposite sex. So we may look like we’re admiring a women’s updo or vintage earrings but we’re really checking out her boyfriend.

Do you ever check out men when your boyfriend or husband is around?

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