Women Are Makeup Addicts, And It’s Killing Careers

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We brought you the news that makeup makes you appear more trustworthy back in October, but one study now reveals that cosmetic dependence is a serious sign of female insecurity. New research from the Harris poll has found that 44% of women wear makeup because they feel ugly without it.

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The study, conducted on behalf of a foundation that researches eating disorders, also found that most women start wearing makeup before age 13. That means pre-teens who are dabbing on foundation and mascara will likely become insecure without it in the long run.

Plenty of women in the workforce rely on makeup to make them appear more presentable and, as we reported, trustworthy. But according to a poll conducted in the U.K., one third of all bosses (men and women) believe their female employees wear too much makeup.

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Bold lips were deemed by a whopping 32% of all bosses as too “overwhelming in an office,” while heavy eye shadow and too much blush were also considered workplace faux pas.

Are you makeup-dependent?

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