Women Are Paying $8,000 To Make This Body Part Look Like Megan Fox’s

Wendy Rodewald

Would you pay $8,000 to make your eyebrows look like Megan Fox‘s?

Reformed over-pluckers in NYC and Miami are doing just that, according to the New York Post. “A lot of women want [to copy] the Kardashians, but Megan Fox is far and away the favorite,” the Post quotes plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Epstein, who performs between 12 and 15 eyebrow hair transplants a month at $4,000-$8,000 a pop. During the procedure, which takes a couple hours, hair is transplanted from the patient’s scalp to the area above her eyes.

Megan Fox's eyebrows: perfect?

Does Megan Fox have the perfect eyebrows? Photo: Getty Images

Frankly, I’m kind of shocked that Megan Fox’s eyebrows are considered the ideal. They’ve always looked fake and penciled in to me, and I think they actually make her face look older. Plus, the ultra-groomed look feels outdated now — almost a holdover from the early 2000s. Compare Megan’s brows to those of the lovely Polish model Jac Jagaciak, who you might recognize from Chanel‘s beauty campaigns.

Model Jac Jagaciak

Model Jac Jagaciak backstage at Diane Von Furstenberg’s spring 2013 show. Photo: Luca Cannonieri/GoRunway.com

See how Jac’s brows look full, natural and a little bit unkempt? I’d argue that this is the look people should be paying for — and you don’t have to drop a few grand on surgery to get it. Just use an ash colored, super-sharp drugstore eyebrow pencil to draw in individual hairs (and skip the dark brown powder that’s ruining Megan Fox’s look).

Whose brows do you covet? Megan Fox’s? The model Jac’s? Or someone else’s?

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