Enjoy Lipstick in Dry, Cold Weather with These Simple Tricks

Shannon Farrell
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Preventing dry skin during the cold winter months is something we strive for, but keeping our lips moisturized is a must. Dry cold air should never be an excuse to skip the lipstick. However, because most formulas dry out the lips even on the most humid of days, winter lipstick is a double problem. Before you banish your lipsticks to the back of the makeup drawer, keep these tips handy for wearable lipstick in the coldest of temperatures. 

Always Exfoliate
Just like exfoliating the skin helps prevent a buildup of dry skin, exfoliating the lips will clean the surface and allow hydrating balms better access. “Try applying Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant ($19.50, elizabetharden.com) with a q-tip at night before bed,” says Elizabeth Arden Global Makeup Artist Rebecca Restrepo. “The q-tip exfoliates the lips’ delicate skin while allowing the moisturizing benefits of the protectant to soak in.”

Start With a Moisturizer
You want to start with a lip balm that hydrates the lips before they even reach the cold. “Look for a mixture of long-lasting emollients and moisturizers that help seal in moisture while they smoothe and soften lips,” says Restrepo. Your lips are the softest skin on your body, so opting for gentle, sensitive-skin friendly ingredients is key. “Petrolatum, shea butter, palm tree butter, essential fatty acids complex and honey extract are great.” Our favorite is still Burt’s Bees Honey Lip Balm ($3.30, burtsbees.com), which is packed with honey and vitamin E to hydrate and replenish the lips. So moisturize first, apply lipstick second.

Dab Balm on Top
Even if you can’t prevent the lipstick from drying out completely, you don’t have to start over. While you should always start with a balm over lipstick, Restrepo says you can also dab a balm on top with your fingertips. “The products can also be layered over lipstick for additional hydration and protection.” Although if you’re using an overly drying lipstick like MAC (it’s pigment is so amazing we just can’t stop using it!), you’re better off removing the product and applying again. The last thing you want are dry flakes stuck to the lip with a sticky balm. No one wants to kiss that.

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