Why Kristen Stewart Should Get A Tent

Caroline Murray

Word on the street is that Kristen Stewart hasn’t bathed in days and can’t stop weeping over pints and pints of Ben & Jerry’s on the couch. Ok, perhaps that’s a slight exaggeration, but it’s more or less what an “insider” told the extremely reliable Radar this week. And having witnessed several nasty breakups myself, it seems like pretty standard behavior. However, little does K. Stew know that the ice cream melting on her lap won’t be nearly as effective as alternative methods, like sitting in a boiling hot tent.

kristen s tent Why Kristen Stewart Should Get A Tent

Yep, that nylon-covered structure we count on for camping trips could be the key to easing depression, new research suggests. A University of Arizona study found that a patient, who lay in a one-man tent for two hours with his head sticking out, saw a dramatic mood-improvement as his body temperature was increased with heating lamps. This process—known as whole-body heating or hyperthermia—increases brain chemicals, called beta-endorphins, which are responsible for making people happier. Ergo, Kristen Stewart should get herself a tent.

Cheer Up, Kristen Stewart!

It’s important to note that this procedure didn’t work for everyone, and more clinical studies need to be completed to see how effective it all really is. All I know is that next time a friend gets her heart broken, we’re skipping The Notebook and heading straight to a Great Outdoors store.

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