Why Are Straight Men Suddenly So Into Our Beauty Products?!?

Summer K

In an editorial office mostly dominated by gay men and straight girls, sharing cosmetics is not really a big deal. Foundation is passed around for break-outs, products are tested with abandon and sometimes even the most girly beauty experiments demands a man’s touch.

But when it comes to the straight men in our lives, we often get a kick out of what they’ll let us do for the sake of beauty. Sure, we’ve hair chalked our in-house photog and (tried) to peer pressure our marketing head into letting us play make-up Russian roulette with him (which he almost relented to until we told him we were going to video tape it), but sporting said products OUTSIDE our hallowed halls? Well that’s another story entirely.

Most guys we know wouldn’t be caught dead with concealer on or even let us give them a manicure, but we’re sensing the tides might be turning if Hollywood can be seen as the ultimate beauty barometer.

In the last week alone we’ve noticed not one, but TWO male stars sporting outrageous looks that might be deemed a little too “out there” for the average football-loving, Playboy-reading male enthusiest. And while it’s understandable that Lenny Kravitz would wear make-up for his role in the Hunger Games, shillin’ gold eyeliner is another story. And sure, we can understand that Seal is going through a difficult time right now, but is the yellow nail polish he’s been rocking just for fun or the ultimate cry for help?

Perplexed, I asked my own BF for his take on straight men and the beauty products they covet. “I might try nail polish,” he admitted reluctantly. “But all that other stuff? NO WAY.”

Obviously straight boys and make-up is nothing new. Between musicians like Pete Wentz and actors like Jared Leto, the guys that are usually most comfortable with themselves are the same ones eager to hit a Sephora with you and for an afternoon of product testing. And while I don’t judge one of my exes too harshly for coveting my cover-up, I still take issue with the fact that he spent more time in front of the bathroom mirror than me and once had a total meltdown when my mom was visiting and we were rushing him out the door before he had a chance to put his moisturizer on.

A line must be drawn it seems, but will it be done in the sand or with a eyeliner pencil? I don’t mind if my guy wants to dabble with my Dior nail polish behind closed doors, but what about when it comes to raiding my make-up bag before we head out for a night on the town?

(Sorry buddy, but there’s only room for one beauty addict in this relationship and if it’s you then I then I might as well be dating Johnny Weir. After all, he IS a former MAC spokesperson, so at least we’d get a group discount…)

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