When Was the Last Time You Cleaned Your Makeup Brushes?

Amanda Elser

At the risk of sounding like a nag, we wanted to send you a friendly reminder that if you haven’t cleaned your makeup brushes in the last two weeks then you better get a move on.

It only takes a few weeks for bacteria to develop amongst the bristles of your brush, and we don’t want to hear it when you come to us complaining about those mysterious breakouts. Not only will cleaning your brushes make them last longer, but it will keep away infectious agents like fungus and parasites.

What You Will Need:

All of your brushes — small and large

Clean hand towels

Foaming face wash or a gentle baby shampoo


Start by wetting your brushes with warm water under the faucet. Do not soak the brushes because that may loosen the glue holding the bristles together. After your brushes are completely dampened, apply a few drops of either face wash or shampoo directly to your brushes. Continue to rinse the brushes under the warm water until the water runs clear. Once the bristles appear visibly clear of your grimy makeup residue, brush them across the clean towel and lay flat to dry.

In between washes try using a brush cleaning spray. We recommend Bare EscentualsQuick Change Brush Cleaner as a easy solution. But be warned, this works just like dry shampoo on your hair — it is only a temporary fix.

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