When Inspiration Strikes


People ask me all the time where my inspiration comes from and I think sometimes they are surprised by my answers. For me, creativity is a part of who I am and it comes out in a whole bunch of different ways – from loading the dishwasher, to meeting people at events and yes, of course to hair color. I find inspiration all around me – for years and years I never had to leave Manhattan! There is so much happening in this magical city that I found it unendingly inspiring. Over the last couple of years though I have wanted (needed) to get out of the city and explore. It is surprising to me how inspired I feel when I get out of town.

Recently, I have been doing a lot of traveling upstate. It’s amazing how once I cross the George Washington Bridge I am revitalized! My new favorite place to visit is the Emerson Resort and Spa – the rooms come with a mini bar stocked with 24 bottles of wine and a wine list including red, rose, white and sparkling! The concierge hooked me up with an outdoor guide from Catskill Outback Adventures who took me kayaking for the day and the Emerson is home to the world’s largest kaleidoscope! Between the amazing spa treatments (one of the best massages of my life), the wine a day on the river and the magic of the kaleidoscope, how could I not be inspired?????

What fuels you? LMK – Jason

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