What’s On My Vanity: Rachel Adler, Beauty Director

Rachel Adler

Alright so first of all, I’m going to admit that I’m a bit of a hoarder. Not quite to the point that I need to be featured on the actual TLC show, but when you’re obsessed with beauty products and it’s your job to test them, finding storage for all of your favorite things is just not easy. So anyway, my vanity (and room) now relies on a lot of storage boxes.

Above, you may have noticed my Missoni for Target storage box (love the floral design) which thankfully holds all of my many moisturizers, serums and eye creams. I mean, you can never start using anti-aging products too early (wrinkles are the enemy!) and I swear by Clark’s Botanical’s Anti-Puff Eye Cream and SK-II’s Facial Treatment Mask for glowing skin. Also, I like storing my fun lip glosses and liners (I have about two million) in vintage jars for easy visibility.

145904 1317822180 Whats On My Vanity: Rachel Adler, Beauty Director

For my daily makeup routine, I head to my handy Nordstrom makeup bag (orange croc skin, I mean how cute?) so in case of emergency or late night at the office I can stick it in my bag and go.

145905 1317822182 Whats On My Vanity: Rachel Adler, Beauty Director

All of my other lipsticks, glosses, stains and balms (yes, this means I have two separate containers for lip products — don’t yell at me) are stored in drawers in a plastic container. They share space with my highlighters, blushes and many, many eye shadows. I picked this up at Target and it was a total storage lifesaver.

145906 1317822183 Whats On My Vanity: Rachel Adler, Beauty Director

Hair is honestly the last thing I do as I head out the door, so I have a little hair station set up literally right next to my doorway. It’s a tower of drawers to hold all of my tools, but since I have curly hair I tend to just use some product (clearly the Liqwd Perfect Wave the most since it’s squeezed to death) and let it air dry.

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