What’s On My Vanity: Jessica Rubin, Associate Editor

Jessica Rubin

As an editor at StyleCaster, I can talk for hours about shoes, clothes and Balenciaga, but although I love playing with makeup, I’m not very good at it. I do, however, sit across from the lovely Beauty High ladies on a daily basis, so I amped up my daily primping routine and gave cosmetics the good ol’ college try. Surprisingly, I found a plethora of unused makeup in bags around my room, but all the same, my daily products are the only ones with the place of honor on my vanity. Take a look at my vanity, photographed using Instagram.

I’m a one-perfume-at-a-time kind of girl, and for the last year I have spritzed myself daily with Lola by Marc Jacobs. My Sephora eye shadow palette is perfect for keeping a variety of gold-toned shadows in one place and I never leave the house without applying my MAC bronzer. It is my one true makeup addiction. I love bright pink and red lipsticks, although I tone the colors down when I head to the office. And of course, I swore off glasses years ago, so I keep my beloved contacts in a cute leather case I picked up at Urban Outfitters.

146137 1317912569 Whats On My Vanity: Jessica Rubin, Associate Editor

During my college years I had to get rather crafty when it came to finding space for my extensive jewelry collection. Evidence of this can still be found on my vanity. I keep my rings in a wayward martini glass that I received during an ill-fated round of Secret Santa. My bracelets, earrings and necklaces are kept in a large jewelry box that doubles as a mirror. The slots, meant to hold two or three bracelets, are jam packed, but I maintain that it is the most useful bat mitzvah present I received.

146138 1317912570 Whats On My Vanity: Jessica Rubin, Associate Editor

I have extremely curly, hard to manage hair, so I have tried virtually every hair product known to man and travelled up and down the price range spectrum. I have finally settled on these four products, which help me tame my unruly locks. After showering I spray my hair with Silk Tangle Out and then run Bio Silk through my hair. After combing I give my hair a healthy dose of Keratin spray and use Moroccan Oil after blow drying or straightening to maintain a sleek, silky look. Works like a charm. (Usually.)

146139 1317912570 Whats On My Vanity: Jessica Rubin, Associate Editor

Gone are the days when I drop $60 on Chanel moisturizer. Those funds have been safely redistributed into my shoe budget. Instead, I opt for Aveeno Clear Complexion Daily Moisturizer. It never makes my skin feel oily and it creates a smooth, even skin-tone. That and a small dab of Clinique All About The Eyes before bed is all I use to maintain a healthy complexion.

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