What’s On My Vanity: Amanda Elser, Associate Editor

Amanda Elser
145574 1317601264 Whats On My Vanity: Amanda Elser, Associate Editor

We talk a lot about our favorite beauty trends, but do you ever wonder what products are deemed worthy for a spot on our vanity? Yes, we love playing around with new products (my personal vice is lipsticks), but we also have our favorite, everyday products that we just couldn’t go without. Here are some of my most loyal beauty products courtesy of Instagram.

My teeny-tiny Manhattan apartment doesn’t hold much, so I try to make my vanity as pretty as possible. Above is a serving tray I stole from my Mom’s basement. My Lollia candle called “Pretty Stacks of Paper” with a few matchbooks out of my collection. I keep all of my Sonia Kashuk brushes here for easy access as well as my favorite lipsticks. All reds and pinks, I don’t get to wear them all nearly as often as I’d like. I keep my “everyday” makeup in my Tory Burch cosmetic bag for easy transportation in case I need to throw it in my purse for work.

145575 1317601272 Whats On My Vanity: Amanda Elser, Associate Editor

I love Oribe hair styling products for my hair. I use the styling cream and foundation mist almost everyday and the Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray when I want particularly tousled locks. I use my Marilyn boar’s bristle round brush to give my hair extra shine while blow drying.

145576 1317601277 Whats On My Vanity: Amanda Elser, Associate Editor

My skin care regime is pretty basic. I use my L’Occitane exfoliant once a week and my L’Occitane precious cream almost everyday. At night, I coat my face with a generous dollop of my Cliniqueturnaround overnight cream. And I alternate between my MOR body lotion and Avene Moisturizing body lotion depending on my mood.

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