Whatever You Think–You’re the Expert


If I had a nickel for every time I heard that, I would not have to fly commercial airlines anymore! It happens all the time: A first-time guest sits in my chair and I get the ultimate hair color responsibility requested of me. “Do whatever you want Jason” or “I know what you think is best Jason” or “You’re the expert Jason.” I am always flattered that someone who has never met me before trusts me implicitly with her hair color. And at the exact same time, it can scare the pants off me!!!

When I was a novice colorist, I would take those statements and run with them, coming up with the most adventurous hair color scenarios I could fathom I would pour my heart and soul into giving these women the hair color of their lives. Ultimately, I would finish and hear one of two things: “Jason! You are a genius, this is AMAZING!” or “Jason! You just completely ruined my hair!!!” The latter was usually uttered through sobs.

Now, years later, I have matured as an artist and have fine-tuned my craft so that I can deliver results that meet or hopefully exceed guest expectations. I have learned that what I think is pretty may not necessarily be received as such by a customer. Ultimately it doesn’t matter how much I love it–I’m not the one wearing it, you are. I have also gained the confidence to know that everything I do is beautiful–even if you don’t think so! If that is the case I can easily change it into something else I love, that you will love too.

During this long, sometimes painful period (which really never ends–shock, shock) I have come up with a few simple questions to guarantee I am on the same page as my guest. These questions are very valuable for you to communicate more effectively with your colorist or stylist and get you the results you are looking for.

• What do you like about your hair now?

• What do you dislike about your hair now?

• What have you done to your hair in the past that you absolutely never want to repeat?

• What was your hair like during your prettiest moment?

• When you see your girlfriends, do you want them to notice you changed your color?

• When you are described by a stranger do you want them to say you are a blond, a brunette or a red head?

• How often do want to be in the salon? Every three weeks, every six weeks, every 12 weeks?

Try them on for size – these simple questions will guide you down the path of pretty hair color. I’d love to hear a story from you on how they worked (or didn’t….) LMK.

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