What Do Men Think Of Buns?

Caroline Murray

glam buns post What Do Men Think Of Buns?

“Definitely don’t wear that when flying. TSA would have a field day.” – Todd, 25

“Nicole Richie’s makes me think I could put my dog on my head and have the same look.” – James, 28

“It’s weird.” – Travis, 25

“It looks like their hair is painted on with a bun on top. Why is it pulled back so tight? I guess Nicole Richie’s looks the best of the four but none of them look good. It makes me think of cafeteria ladies–where’s the hair net?” – Lee, 31

“I am not a fan of the top knot. It also prevents me from running my fingers through a woman’s hair, which is one of the most enjoyable things to do.” – David, 26

twistedtop buns post What Do Men Think Of Buns?

“Silly. It looks like they are in the salon waiting to get their hair cut into something that looks nice.” – Matt, 35

“Progressively less weird from the left. The only really good thing about top knots is that the woman’s neck is naked.” – Andres, 26

“It’s a man repeller.” – Peter, 40

“Ouch. Looks painful and sends an image of tension. I don’t want my lady balling things up or using knots in any part of her look.” – Jacques, 40

“I hate that ball on top of the head style, what is it suppose to be? How is that even a style? It looks like they rolled out of bed, glued a ball on top of their head and just wrapped hair all around it.” – Matt, 28

We knew it, boys do think about beauty! Buns are so versatile, so even though the boys make us laugh, we think we’ll keep trying the new knots. What does your guy think of these looks?

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