What Do Men Think Of Buns?

Caroline Murray

With sizzling hot days approaching, we’re ready to try out some super-trendy updos to stay cool and gorgeous all summer long. Ballerina buns? Top knots? Glamorous buns? Love them! But before we get too excited, we decided to find out what boys think of buns. So we conducted a very unscientific survey, and got the opinions of some regular guys. Their answers are surprising, honest, and just downright hilarious!

ballerina buns post What Do Men Think Of Buns?

“I’m a huge fan of ballerina buns. They’re petite and elegant. I think it makes a woman look like an intellect. Then again, I’m into intelligent women.” – Terrence, 36

“Sweat pants, hair up in a bun, chillin’ with no makeup on, that when she’s the prettiest, I hope she doesn’t take it wrong.” – Kevin, 22

“I enjoy the look of a bun now and then. I think the sight of a neckline is sexy. But a greasy bun is easy to spot.” – Jason, 31

“It depends on the girl, but for the most part it looks like she got lazy or was in a rush that morning. Some girls can pull it off but their hair down is sexier.”– Dan, 23

supersize buns post What Do Men Think Of Buns?

“This knot reminds me of the side ponytail trend in the ’80s. That was a horrid style then and this is just as awful!” – Terrence, 36

“I am a fan of the messy bun. I think there is nothing hotter than seeing my girlfriend at the gym with her hair tied up, or lounging around on the couch waiting for me to come give her a kiss. This usually works in men’s favor as when things get hot, she instinctively does something magical that lets all that fantastic hair fall down.” – Marc, 26

“I typically like messy buns, but the high and tight thing gives off too much of a ‘pissed off librarian’ look. I guess that’s kind of weird coming from a librarian.” – Cameron, 24

“So it looks like there’s a bit of a bird’s nest situation going on, or maybe some overgrown pin cushions. From left to right it goes from okay to just raggedy. The one on the right looks like she’s been given a few hundred Volts.” – Tim, 26

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