What Do Guys Really Think Of Braids?

Caroline Murray

classic braids post What Do Guys Really Think Of Braids?

“It really depends on the girl/what they are wearing/the occasion/etc. Some girls look good with these braids and others, not so much. These particular ponytails are cute if they are worn on the right occasion.” – Texas, 29

“Hipster braids are OK. Normal braids make women seem desperate to look young and cute…in a creepy way.” – Aaron, 27

“I guess the single braid is OK. If she’s working out or hiking or something that makes it appropriate. ” – Larry, 45

“This is very sexy and great on a girl at a sport’s bar. I would definitely approach a girl with this braid; I used to date someone who wore pigtail braids!” – Philip, 27

fishtail braids post What Do Guys Really Think Of Braids?

“This is strangely sexy, in an S&M way. I’m thinking ropes and bondage here.” – Jin, 40

“What is that? I don’t get it. Why doesn’t it look like a normal braid?” – Phil, 27

“This looks good; it looks modern. ‘Like’ button pressed.” – Shiju, 31

“Swept to the side, a braid exposes more of a woman’s neck. Very sexy!” – Nelson, 31

We knew it, boys do think about beauty! Braids are so versatile, so even though the boys make us laugh, we think we’ll keep trying new braided trends. What does your guy think of these looks?

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