What Do Guys Really Think Of Braids?

Caroline Murray

Obsessed with trendy fishtails, side braids, headband braids and all other plaited hairstyles? We are, too. And since the braid trend is still so hot, we had to ask the boys–do they like them as much as we do? There’s no doubt these results will surprise you, and probably make you laugh!

long side braids post What Do Guys Really Think Of Braids?

“Gross. Looks like an overgrown dreadlock (and I like dreads, I had them for seven years) or maybe it looks like a tree branch. It’d probably knock you out if you were in bed with it.” – Tim, 26

“They aren’t sexy…just cute, at most. They’re best for the beach.” – Matt, 28

“I’m not super attracted to anything that looks like a giant tail growing on a girl’s head.” – John, 26

“When done right, braids can look attractive, but these seem really messy.” – Tyler, 24

“I am not a fan of the long thick braids. They look like a dirty shower drain.” – Cameron, 24

headband braids post What Do Guys Really Think Of Braids?

“Where is the braid? It looks cute, but I wouldn’t have known it was a braid.” – Aaron, 22

“I like it. I’m into that braid-in-the-halo style.” – Michael, 27

“I don’t have a lot to say, but I think the hairstyle is completely hideous. A throwback hairdo that is one part Jane Fonda ‘headband’ and one part Princess Leia; they both were bad looks.” – Jacques, 40

“I like it. It’s pretty more than sexy, like it came from a fairytale.” – Wayman, 41

“This braid is actually pretty cool. It looks like normal hair with a twist (see what I did there!). I could go for a girl with this one.” – Tim, 26

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