Welcome to the Candy Shop


Remember Hard Candy? You know, fine purveyors of one pale blue nail polish that was all the rage in middle school? The awesomeness of Hard Candy was due in no small part to Alicia Silverstone rocking the shade on David Letterman, as well as the lunchroom status-rising plastic rings that were supplied on each bottle. Sigh…we miss youth.

Well, after a rocky few years that involved knock-off vendors, a handful of owners, and even rumors of the company’s demise, they’re back- and with a vengeance. The brand has now merged with Wal-Mart to introduce new products and bring back some classics for the fall. Many of the brand’s iconic components will remain in tact: edgy, sassy packaging, high-energy graphics and fun, clever names, thus ensuring its familiarity within the market. New products will include Plexi-Gloss, Lip Tattoos, and Kal-eye-descope, while former favorites such as Fortune Telling Lipgloss and the awesome glitter eyeshadow with the sliding lid will return.

Needless to say, we are very excited to check out the new line in the fall. Too bad that will involve schlepping out to the nearest Wal-Mart (Jersey?), but for this, it’s totally worth it.

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