How to Find a Wedding Hairstyle For Your Face Shape

How to Find a Wedding Hairstyle For Your Face Shape
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Deciding on your ‘do on the day you say “I do” is a very stressful decision to make. The pictures last a life time and from necklines to jewelry there are a lot things to take into consideration. One of the most important things to consider when choosing your hairstyle, though, is your face shape. Many women out there are not sure what their face shape would be categorized as, so they tend to end up picking an unflattering hairstyle. Good news, brides-to-be (or any of you who aren’t sure what your face shape is)! We’re here to help you not only figure out which face shape you have, but also which hairstyles will accentuate your lovely features. Define your face shape below, then see which hairstyles will be best for you in the slideshow above!

Round: Your cheekbones are roughly the same width as the length of your face and your jawline is soft.

Heart: Your forehead and cheekbones are both wide, but your face tapers at the chin.

Oval: You have an oval face if the width of your face is 1/3 less than the length of your face. You also have no harsh corners along the hair or jawline.

Square: Your forehead and jawline are wide and roughly the same size, creating beautiful corners of the face.

Long: You  have a face that is longer and more narrow, and your cheekbones are the most prominent feature.

Pro Tip: If you’re still confused, pull your hair into a ponytail and stand in front of the mirror with a bar of soap or a dry erase marker. Trace your face shape in the mirror (with the corner of the soap or the marker) and step away – your face shape will be left on the mirror!

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Oval Face, Hair Up. Lucky for you oval ladies, you can get away with pretty much any look you'd like, so why not sweep back your hair and let your perfectly proportionate face shine bright like a diamond!

Image via The Beauty Model

Photo: Image via The Beauty Model

Oval Face, Hair Down. Soft feminine waves and a center part look gorgeous on an oval face. Here's a tip: curl your face framing pieces away from the face to keep the cheekbones exposed, which will prevent your face from appearing narrow. 

Image via Salon Success

Photo: Image via Salon Success

Round Face, Hair Up. A sleek, side parted ponytail is elegant and classy for your special day. Your high cheekbones will thank you. 

Image via The Bottom of the Ironing Basket

Photo: Image via The Bottom Of The Ironing Basket

Round Face, Hair Down. A deep side part alters the focal point of the length of the face, creating a more angular, oval looking shape. Add some wave for extra glamour!

Image via Barf Face of the Ball

Photo: Image via Barf Face of the Ball

Heart Shaped Face, Hair Up. A slightly off-center part paired with braids is a fantastic way to open up the face.

Image via Hairstyles Weekly

Photo: Image via Hairstyles Weekly

Heart Shaped Face, Hair Down. Women with heart shaped faces could benefit from a hairstyle that fills the area around the chin, like this texturized bob.

Image via Beauty Hill

Photo: Image via Beauty Hill

Square Face, Hair Up. A soft and romantic low bun like this one will take attention away from any harsh corners of the face.

Image via Become Gorgeous

Photo: Image via Become Gorgeous

Square Face, Hair Down. Long, straight strands will soften any harsh angles and a center part will open up the face, taking attention away from a strong jawline. 

Image via Hairstyle Solution

Photo: Image via Hair Style Solutions

Long Face, Hair Up. A classic topknot is a great look for a long face. Position the bun at the upper back part of the head to avoid adding any additional length to your shape. 

Image via Lady Lux

Photo: Image via Lady Lux

Long Face, Hair Down. Long side-sweeping curls are not only gorgeous, but they will add roundness and width to the face. Another tip to add width to a long face is to expose those ears! Tucking your hair behind your ear will give you extra width and will help expose your enviable cheekbones. 

Image via Percy Handmade

Photo: Image via Percy Handmade

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