We Rank The Hottest Men Backstage At NYFW

Amanda Elser
We Rank The Hottest Men Backstage At NYFW
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Spending hours backstage can seem like a drag, but with eye candy like this sometimes we had to be dragged away. We’ve rounded up our top 1o men backstage based on personality, style, interview skills and above all else looks. Because when you’re running on fumes these faces are the only thing that make us smile through the delirium.

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Coming in at number one is Paul Hanlon (of course!) Always eager to answer our questions he is a pleasure to interview. Plus his accent is so dreamy that we can never remember exactly what products he said he used  (thank goodness for iPhone recordings.) Only downside to being backstage at a Paul Hanlon show is that he is always surrounded by women -- it is hard to get that quality one-on-one time.

A personal crush of mine, James Pecis is the coolest cat backstage... and he knows it. He rocks hand tattoos and when he talks about hair you can tell he loves it.  

Don't let James Kaliardos' scruffy beard and unstyled hair fool you. This guy knows a thing or two about makeup and he always makes the conversations backstage enjoyable. 

OK, so maybe Duffy's long auburn hair and beard isn't exactly a turn-on for all ladies. But he makes up for it with his mad talent with a hair brush. Although, I don't think I could ever date anyone with hair longer, thicker, and shinier than mine. 

Eugene Souleiman is like that fun little teddy bear that you never want to leave behind. If that makes sense. He lights up a backstage area and is that perfect dose of comedic relief on a really stressful NYFW day. (We promise we're not creepy stalkers...)

Guido Palau has been a backstage staple for years, setting trends and making even the most talented designers feel at ease. We always know we're in for a good interview with Guido, and he generally gives us a couple of jokes (and winks) along with it.

Orlando Pita is probably one of the most talented hair stylist's backstage and also probably the most intimidating. You can't really blame this handsome fellow though, once he starts doing hair he gets in the zone and petty distractions like reporters are the last thing on his mind.

This face literally makes our hearts melt backstage. Yadim is a rising star backstage amongst makeup artists like Diane Kendal and Pat McGrath and he has the personality to boot. Wearing his wide-brimmed Yankees cap backstage, he always takes the time to answer our questions attentively and timely. 

Dick Page is the charmer backstage who still somehow manages to have a sense of humor on day 6 of NYFW. We love how he is so talented, yet doesn't ever take anything too seriously. 

How could you not fall in love with a smile like this? Renato Campora is that tall, dark and handsome man that you just can't seem to take your eyes off of backstage. 

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