Want Bigger Tips? Get Red Lips!

Caroline Murray
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Photo: Peter Dazeley/ Getty Images

We think it’s hilarious when guys say they love a girl who goes au-natural, because in reality, how many of them have seen us completely without makeup? Ironically, a new study now proves that men prefer a woman to wear makeup, a bold red lip to be specific, to a bare face.

What Do Guys Really Think Of Braids?

Researchers in France recently discovered that waitresses who wore red lipstick were 50 percent more likely to receive tips than those who wore brown, pink or no lipstick at all. Unlike the U.S., tipping is uncommon in France as gratuity is usually included in menu prices. Leaving an extra tip says you really appreciated the good service. Or in this case, the sultry lips.

And the female clients? Red lipstick, or any color for that matter, made no impact on them when it came to tipping their servers.

How To Do A Red Lip In The Summer

Previous research has shown that a full face of makeup also gets waitresses greater tips than those who skip it, the Huffington Post reported. Needless to say, we’re ready to go back to the guys and ask them how they really feel about bold lips and makeup on a woman.

Have you been treated better when wearing a red lip?

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