Want An Honest Answer? Ask Via Text!

Megan Segura

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Have you ever been nervous to ask someone something and thought, well I’ll just ask via text? Many people, like myself, have found texting to be a way to hide behind your words. It’s easier to ask a question by phone than it is when you’re face-to-face with someone. A new study suggests that that same theory holds true if you are on the receiving end of a tricky question.

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Results from a study from the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research found that people are more likely to be honest in a text than when speaking aloud. Not only that, but the study also found that texters are more exact in their answers, instead of beating around the bush like many tend to do when answering questions in person.

The research is based on 600 people who were asked questions via their iPhone and then in person. The participants were more honest on the phone answering personal questions such as “In a typical week, about how often do you exercise?” and “During the past 30 days, on how many days did you have five or more drinks on the same occasion?”

Ever have an urgent beauty or fashion question that you NEED an honest answer for? Like “Does this dress make me look fat?” or “You swear my hair doesn’t look frizzy?” Well, if you want an honest answer, you might be better off sending a photo and waiting for the truth via text. Just a thought.

Would you give a friend an honest answer about her appearance through text?

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