We Recap the Many Video Teasers of Lady Gaga’s “Fame”

Amna Anwar

With much anticipation, Lady Gaga released her first fragrance, FAME, this month. Released through her own Haus Laboratories, this fragrance epitomizes Gaga in a bottle. Unique, interesting and certainly standing apart from the standard array of perfumes, this revolutionary all black fragrance is the first of its kind. In true Gaga fashion the print ad campaign shot by Steven Klein has caused a stir and doesn’t seem to be stopping there. Gaga plans to market the fragrance through an elaborate film which is to debut in full at the Guggenheim later next month, as well as online via LittleMonsters.com.

Starting in July, Gaga began releasing the start of a handful of videos detailing the inner workings of her Haus Laboratories and more recently, teasers to the full film debuting FAME.  To help keep you on track with the latest on the FAME campaign, we have your thorough recap.

The Formulation — July 18th

In a one minute video, the Haus Laboratories are toured in all its scientific and experimental glory. Over a dark rhythmic soundtrack, a deep-voiced man, speaking only in French, introduces the lab, mentions the innovative technology of the black scent and the various notes that make up the fragrance. The vibe is clearly more horror movie than glamorous fragrance. Very Gaga.

The Source — July 26th

Much like the first, we are back at the lab with the mysterious deep-voiced man. He speaks about the soul of the fragrance (dark beauty). Also, much more of the horror film cinematography.

LADY GAGA FAME Fragrance Trailer 1 — Aug 14th

In this 30 second trailer, Gaga, dressed in a black, patent full-body suit, is seen emerging from a pool of dark, tar-like liquid leading to lots of cut shots from the full film. Futuristic set, lots of black goo, and a very large version of naked Gaga with tiny men atop her lady bits do make an appearance.

LADY GAGA FAME Fragrance Teaser 1 — Aug 23rd

In this very dark 28 second teaser, Gaga is seen scraping black substance off an unknown man’s face. Scene cuts to a seated Gaga in classic, unique wardrobe, full with orange bulbs and dark lip.

LADY GAGA FAME Fragrance Teaser 2 — Aug 23rd 

In the latest installment of FAME the film, Gaga powerfully struts through an army of male minions, large naked gaga is seen again, and teaser closes with a screaming Gaga highlighting a wine colored lip.

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