Video: Crazy Consultations


Over the years I have had some pretty crazy consultations–as I’m sure you can imagine. I have had women bring in tears frommagazines, pictures of themselves from childhood to even bringing in their own child to show the perfect color. I have had guests bring in furs, wigs and even pets!!! There are a couple consultations that really stand out though (and thank goodness I had my Flip Camera to record one of them).

One of my more memorable consultations was with Ivy. Ivy is quite a unique individual (to say the least). To paint the picture, she is a hat designer, is covered in tattoos, dresses like a rock star and is all of 5’1″–FABULOUSLY entertaining!!! Surprisingly, Ivy was always pretty conservative with her hair color and liked to simply cover the few grays she had and stick with her natural dark brown color. One day she stepped off the elevator and immediately drew all the attention to herself. She was wearing a wig that had orange, red, yellow and black stripes coming off the center part. The wig was sort of plopped on top of her head with her own hair hanging below it and she was carrying a gigantic mirror. The mirror was so big she had to have a friend (who was actually a stripper/dancer who also drew quite a bit of attention) help her carry it. She wanted her hair to look like the wig on top, her own hair on the bottom but the colors to match the shades of the wood in the frame of the mirror. Who am I to argue?

More recently a long time client of mine, her name is Liz (and honestly – I ADORE her), warned me before she started in on the consultation. She and I always have relatively lengthy conversations about her color –but this was a doozy! It included everything from a hair sample to pictures from last summer to childhood! Check out in the video clip I included above.

What are your crazy consultations? LMK.

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