The One ’90s Product Victoria Beckham Was Obsessed With

The One ’90s Product Victoria Beckham Was Obsessed With
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Raise your hand if you had an obsessive relationship with a beauty product back in the early aughts or ‘90s. Let us guess: It was either some candy or soda-flavored Lip Smackers, or sticky, scented roll-on body glitter. Hey, the years of 1998-2003 were weird times. And, according to Victoria Beckham, queen of all things refined, proper, and chic, she too fell victim to the trends.

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In an interview on Late Night With Seth Meyers this week, Beckham recounted the “pout and point” moves of her Spice Girls days, what she wishes she could now tell her 18-year-old self (hint: Don’t wear heels to sporting events), and some of her bigger beauty faux pas. Asked Meyers, “You also talk about a lifelong relationship you’ve had with hairspray, and there was a time in your life when maybe you used too much of it. Is that a safe thing to say?”

“Oh, yes,” said Beckham. “Me and Elnett hairspray. I was at the theater one night and the lady sitting behind me said, ‘Would you mind taking your hair down because I can’t see the show.’ The funny thing was that I didn’t have it up—I just had a lot of spray, and I looked like I had been caught in a wind tunnel. So my hair was not up, it was just backcombed. I mean, it was the ’90s; we all did it.”

Photo Source: Getty Images

Photo Source: Getty Images

We’ll let you bask for a moment in the mental image that is backcombed, wind-tunneled Beckham, in all of her Posh Spice glory. Though we have to admit that having a mini-addiction to Elnett hairspray, one of the most-beloved hairsprays in the professional styling world, is probably the most respectable dependence to have. Way more respectable than me, circa 1999, clutching the entire collection of Bath and Body Works Art Stuff while reeking of Victoria’s Secret Love Spell. But, in the great words of Victoria Beckham, “it was the ‘90s; we all did it.”

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